Let’s face it  we are all insecure about our bodies.

Yes, even the super models have days when they obsess about one specific flaw that is undetectable to the human eye.

And it seems the pressure just keeps mounting.

We are supposed to be wafer thin, hairless with well defined arms and abs and the perfect, tight ass, long legs and gorgeous, pert breasts. Now, it seems we are also supposed to have the perfect looking vulva.

More and more young women are opting for labiaplasty to perfect their labia and “neaten” their vulva.  I have written about this before  (here’s another one . Oh, ok one more or check out this cool new blog I have found  ) and I would love it if it didn’t have to be talked about anyomore but the truth is we still don’t know enough about our bodies and it is hurting us; mentally, emotionally and physically.

In many African and Muslim countries genital mutilation is a common practice to ensure that women do not enjoy the sexual act. This happens to young girls before they are even of an age to be sexual. Thankfully the practice is now becoming outlawed as people are , finally, waking up the barbaric nature of it.

Except in the West where women are now paying to mutilate their own genitals in the name of a “designer vagina” or a mistaken belief that it will make them more desirable.

Let’s just look at the absurdity of this shall we?

(1) There are a limited number of people who will see your labia and anyone that is up close and personal and makes a comment about the look of your labia is simply disqualifying themselves from ever getting that close again. Because, let’s face it, penises are not exactly gorgeous to look at either.

(2) Our genitals are packed full of nerve endings for the sole purpose of giving us pleasure. Any surgery that is done to this area will most definitely be compromising those nerve endings so while your vulva might look stylish the “ooohhhh ahhh-ness” will be severely diminished. Why would you do that to yourself?

More than anything we have to start loving ourselves and accepting our flaws as the unique characteristic that make us the unique little snowflake that we are.

What would Cindy Crawford look like without her signature mole? Or Nicole Kidman without her freckles? And think how much happier Micheal Jackson would have been if he had just loved himself instead of having endless plastic surgery?

Now I know accepting ourselves is easier said than done BUT ( and it is a big but) it is the only way that we get to be happy, content, life affirming individuals. The only other option is constant dissatisfaction, dieting, moaning about the size of our thighs, more dieting until we finally realise at age (Pick one. Because I guarantee that you will hit a certain age and realise that you wasted far too much of your youth worrying about some part of your body that is actually ok) that NONE OF IT MATTERS!.

It doesn’t matter if your thighs touch – take a look at pictures of Marilyn Monroe.

It doesn’t matter if your vulva is an innie or an outie.

It doesn’t matter  if you have a physical flaw what matters is that you are alive and healthy and living your life.

That is all. Go be happy. Leave all the body doubts there on the floor.

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