Over the past few months something has changed. It was subtle at first but I am noticing it more and more each day.

It started when I published my book, The Goddess Guide to Sex, Love and Life, which had been a work in progress for a long time. Far too long , in fact. I kept putting it back on the shelf as “a nice idea but who would ever read it?”

Well, it actually started way before that but I have noticed it more and more this year. A yearning inside of me to be more – more Goddess-y, more feminine, more my authentic self.

So I started off by deciding I was a Goddess – not just any kind of Goddess mind you, no, I declared myself a Sex Goddess. And it felt GOOD! Something shifted straight away – I felt like I had come home to myself and was finally owning who I was.

But that still wasn’t enough.

Then I found out about Jade eggs* and started using them. This started making me feel more alive, more sensual and more awake and tuned in to myself. Around this time I also started doing womb healing meditations. First ones that I created for myself and then ones from Kundalini Dance. I have now joined her Female Sexual Soul Healing course and love it.

All of these practices and meditations have healed and cleared away so much emotional dross that I wasn’t even aware of until it was gone. Spending time tuning into myself and reconnecting with a deeper sense of being a woman is life changing.

I feel softer and more open on a daily basis. I recently started re-reading Danielle La Porte’s* Desire Map book and started working through that process. How did I want to feel? What got me fired up?
And what came up was Divinely Feminine and Sensually Awakened. Now I start each day by asking myself how I can incorporate those feelings into my routine. What would a sensually awakened woman be doing right now?

Each day I spend time connecting to my center through womb breathing, my jade egg practice and meditation. Then I do my affirmations as I shower and then I do my morning pages. I started this at the beginning of the year from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and now it is part of my regular routine.

People are starting to notice the changes in me. They say I am looking softer and my husband has noticed a new glow about me.Over all I just feel more womanly which is crazy as I have been around for a while and you would have thought I would have had the whole “woman” thing down to a fine art by now.

I guess there is no age limit on coming into yourself, fully, freely and lusciously.

Do you feel like a luscious woman? What practices do you do that help keep you feeling tuned in and connected to your womanly center? Or would you like to start?

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