Sandi over at Deva Coaching wrote a list of 99 things that she loves inspired by Judy Lee Dunn so since I love a challenge I decided to do it too.

What about you can you list 99 things that you love?                        

  1. (1)    The smell of fresh laundry
    (2)    The sound of babies giggling
    (3)    The smell of rain on sun warmed tiles
    (4)    Roses
    (5)    Fluffy new born chickens
    (6)    Holding hands with my darling
    (7)    Texts from my honey
    (8)    Hearing the sound of my darlings voice when we are apart
    (9)    Snuggling in front of the fire
    (10)Curling up with a good book
    (11)The sound of rain on the roof when you are cosy in bed
    (12)Slipping between clean sheets
    (13)The feel of my bed after a long day
    (14)Soaking in a hot bath
    (15)The taste of fruit picked fresh from the tree and still warm
    (16)The first sip of hot water and lemon in the morning
    (17)Walking through my front door after being away
    (18)The sight of the sea when you have driven a long way to see it
    (19)The first sight of the mountains
    (20) The sound of the tui caling in the morning
    (21)The sound of the tui last thing at night
    (22)Clothes blowing on the line
    (23)The feel of the house after a good spring clean
    (24)Walking barefoot in the grass in the morning dew
    (25)Walking barefoot on the sand
    (26)The sound of the wind blowing through the trees
    (27)The smell of new books
    (28)Stationary – pens, notebooks, pencils
    (29)Finding money in a coat pocket you haven’t worn for ages
    (30)The smell of a chocolate bar when you first open it
    (31)Chocolate slowly dissolving on your tongue
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    Spending time with my Grandy’s
    (32)The sound of the minions laughing
    (33)Spending the afternoon watching good movies while eating popcorn
    (36)Music by Leonard Cohen
    (37)Chanting mantras
    (38)The smell of citrus blossom
    (39)Seeing someone you love’s face light up when they see you
    (40)Feeling your heart softening and opening when you see you lover
    (41)Long hugs
    (42)Deep kisses
    (43)Re reading a favourite book and discovering new depths to it
    (44)Bookshelves crammed with all my favourite books
    (45)Lazy mornings spent in bed talking with my darling
    (46)Staying in the bath talking until the water gets cold
    (47)Revisiting favourite haunts
    (48)Connecting with my kids via Skype
    (49)Reiki sessions that give new insight into isuse
    (50)Crying at  movies
    (51)Watching reruns of Absolutely Fabulous
    (52)Watching reruns of Friends – even though I know most of the words
    (53)Singing along to songs on the radio – loudly
    (55)Reading stories that move me to tears
    (56)Getting parcels in the mail
    (57)Ordering things online so I get parcels in the mail
    (58)Going for coffee with friends and losing track of time
    (59)Meeting someone for the first time and realising you have a lot in common
    (60)Looking at old photos
    (61)The smell of a fire on a cold night
    (62)Campfires  anytime
    (63)Sitting outside and watching the sunset
    (64)Talking about life with my darling
    (65)Lying in the grass watching the clouds
    (66)The first sip of good wine
    (67)Hot chocolate with marshmallows on a cold day
    (68)The sound of thunder on a summer’s day
    (69)Watching lightning flash across the night sky
    (70)The feel of a baby’s skin
    (71)The smell of a new born baby
    (72)The feel of a warm fresh laid egg
    (73)The taste of raw milk
    (74)The smell of the sea air
    (75)Waking up from a full nights sleep
    (76)The smell of pine trees
    (77)Laughing so loud you make the pig noise
    (78)Laughing so hard you can’t breathe
    (79)Sneezing so loud it echoes
    (80)Road trips
    (81)Hugs from my grandchildren
    (82)The smell of clothes when you iron them
    (83)The feel of my hair when it is freshly washed
    (84)The feel of coconut oil sliding over my skin
    (85)Waking to the sound of our rooster crowing
    (86)The smell of new leather shoes
    (88)All my rings and trying to decide which ones to wear
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    Fresh fruit from our trees
    (89)Finding a new ring that fits     
    (90) When the words flow and I have a good day writing

    (91) When a cool breeze blows on a hot sticky day
    (92) Ice cream melting in my mouth
    (93) Picking fruit off our trees
    (94) Watering the garden
    (95) the smell of my favorite incense
    (96) The feel of my darling snuggled into my back in bed
    (97) the sound of my darling breathing in the bed next to me when I wake in the night
    (98) Watching the hawks soar in the thermal updraft
    (99) Green smoothies

    (100)Making and drinking Kombucha
    (101Fermenting foods in general
    (102)Sex – long, slow, mindblowing sex with my darling
    PS this was only supposed to take ten minutes but (a) I don’t type that fast and (b) some of them I really had to think about how I wanted to phrase them
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