I am a great fan of The Militant Baker and she just posted 10 random facts about her and I’m going to play her game and post some random facts about me.

If you have been following my blog you already know quite a bit about me; I’m married, I have three sons and four step daughters and a basquillion grandchildren ( well, it feels like it when they all come visit). So what I’m going to post now are totally random and all totally true.

(1) I’ve broken my left arm four times!

The first was when my sister pushed me down the stairs ( I was three). Apparently, I was in her way and wouldn’t move so she pushed me. ( Funnily enough, in a totally unrelated way, I no longer speak to her). The second time I fell off a skateboard, the third was falling off a jungle gym and the fourth was a boy standing on my jandal (flipflop) while I was running away from him. For a while there all we seemed to be ding was taking me to the hospital to get my arm put in a cast. I think I was my mother’s worst nightmare.
My eldest son broke his arm falling out of a tree and a tiny little bone at the base of the thumb falling off a skateboard. Anyone would think we are a family of klutzes.

(2) I never really learned to swim.

I can dog paddle and splash around a bit in the water but swimming just isn’t for me although I do love playing in the pool. I don’t like putting my head under water.

My Mum  took me to special swimming lessons when I was 11 but I still never got the hang of it.

(3) I don’t like wearing sandals with w piece between your toes.

I was traumatized with the whole jandal-wearing-arm-breaking thing and loathe the feeling of something between my toes. ICK!

(4) Armpit hair is my friend.

I know this will gross some of you out but I don’t shave under my arms. There I said it!  The sensation just makes me want to throw up. Yeah I could get them waxed but pffft I like it so, yeah it ain’t going to happen. The only part of my hair that gets shaved is my legs and then only sporadically.

With the whole Brazilian-craze and total de-hairing of the body I guess I just missed the memo. And guess what? the world didn’t end and I still get laid on a regular basis!!

(5) I still watch Friends.

I have watched it since it began and whenever it plays on repeat ( which it does almost continuously in NZ) I still watch it and I still laugh. A lot!.

I sing the theme song and clap at the appropriate times.  I can just about repeat what they are going to say but I still enjoy it.

Whenever I move furniture in my house I invariably go “Pivot, Pivot” at some point ( if you’ve ever watched Friends you will know what I mean. If not, well I just feel sad for you)

(6) I love my breasts.

Even though they are not as pert as they once were, they are still frickin’ awesome! Wearing low or v-neck clothes works for me and I flaunt them as much as I can.

(7) I’ve been blogging on and off for about 4 years.

I’ve had personal blogs, business blogs and just ranty blogs. The truth is I always wanted to be a writer and now that I have found my voice I am totally loving the shit out of it.

(8) I’ve posed for nude photos.

Back in my skinny days a male friend asked if I would pose nude for him as he was wanting to get into nude photography. I loved all his black and white work and so I said yes. It was one of the most awesome experiences of my life.

(9) I’ve been a catwalk model.

When I was a teenager I always wanted to be a model but I didn’t have the confidence.

A few years back a local fashion boutique in our town started running a yearly fashion show with all local ladies as models. Some of them had been models in the past. The guy organizing it wanted a diverse range of sizes and ages and asked me to model for him . I  did it for a couple of years and it was  great fun and a great confidence booster.

(10) I have been working on  the Love your Body Revolution program for far too long!!

It started out as a set of cards, like an oracle deck, but I kept putting it back in the “too hard”basket for years. Now that I have developed it into a program with all sorts of bells and whistles I am getting really excited to finish it and get it out on to the market to help women start loving their gorgeous ( whether they know it or not) bodies.

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